Friday, November 12, 2010

New Home New start

I moved house in rl I have a whole new apartment and its really nice, the area I moved to is lovely to, nice and quiet with nice neighbours. I love it here. I had no internet for a while but now I have everything connected, I thought since I moved rl I would move in sl to. I gave up my old place and now I live in a pretty wooden cabin, with a cozy fire, and snow falling. its perfect for winter, sl is so easy to get addicted to, but since I moved I've been spending alot less time on line and more time with rl friends and family. second life is a wonderful place, but real life should always come first! I have the balance right now between the two, and I'm very happy things are going right for me for a change :)

My best friend sissy breeds horses and they are really cute she gave me two of my own arent they adorable?

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