Monday, June 27, 2011

Indian jewel

Lately I have been down in dumps, so been watching lots of disney movies to lift my mood. nothing like a bit of disney therapy to cheer you up. I was watching pocahontas the first and second one. I like the second one better, and meeko the racoon is so cute! So now I'm a indian in world, I've been exploring a few different native American sites, and taking lots of pics. I won a free pic from one the hunts I finished and this is the one I had done. I think it looks awesome :)


Pinky in the SL City said...

Love the new lay out of your blog. And boy u look cute in that pic ;).
P.s. I'm a big Disney nut too lol

Jewel said...

thanks Pinky, good to hear from you :)

Mike said...

Found the link - yup, looks good, you and the blog ;)