Thursday, July 21, 2011

Really Happy!

Things are going pretty great in both lives, I'm partered to the guy I'm with in real life. I have never been partnered in secondlife before. I'm really lucky to have this amazing guy in my life, He is so loving and protective of me, I feel so safe in his arms, we have so much fun in both worlds. I have known him most of my life since we were both 17, He knows me better than anyone. I'm so glad we found our way back to each other, no matter what any one says or does, nothing can ruin our happiness, when I'm with him, nothing else matters. I really am lucky to have such wonderful people in both lifes! :)


Pinky in the SL City said...

Aww grats :) I'm really happy for you it's great to have some one to share your rl as well as sl with. Lovely photo of u both :)

Jewel said...

thank you so much Pinky, glad you like it, it's my favourite one :)