Friday, July 16, 2010

Its the little things that matter

Some times people can do something that really surprises you, it may not mean alot to other people, but to you the smallest things can mean alot, I helped orginise a rezz day party for my friend Gabby. We had it in Bedrock, the owner of the sim was lovely, and let us use it for no cost, and even let us have rezz rights to add decorations. He came and partied with us dressed as dino to, We all had a really great night, It was alot of fun, I got a pebbles avatar and jk was bam bam, today i was just hanging out at my beach home with jk relaxing and cuddling on my hammock, when gabby sends me this

It says "thank you, I can't remember when I laughed so much, you are so much fun, repeat performance is a must"

I was just so touched, I never expected it and it just made me smile, I met Gabby through my friend Brett who I also call my sl dad, not in a ageplay way, hes just really understanding, and caring and always there for me. I'm so glad he introduced me to Gabby she is such a lovely person, so sweet and caring, and she is alot of fun and has a mischevious side to, I am really lucky to have her as a friend :)

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