Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not sure where to go from here

I changed my blog template wanted a new one for the new year, But I'm really not sure I will be blogging anymore, I still love second life, but just don't have as much fun there as I used to, most of my friends have moved on and either left sl or got partnered, feel sad as I write this, I used to have so much fun there, but I guess nothing lasts forever, I'm not ready to give it up completly though yet. will probaly just spend less time there. These days when I log in I usually just hang out in my skyhome or shop. maybe I just need to meet new people and sl can be fun again.

My Resolutions for 2011

1. Try and meet new people and be more open to new friendships

2. Stop hanging out in my skyhome, and explore all sl has to offer more

3. stop spending so much money on sl, and use what I have in my inventory, (this will be a tough one!)

4. Try and sort my inventory out and throw away old landmarks and clothes I never wear.

5. talk to and spend more time with the people alreadly on my friends list

6. spend more time on plurk and get my karma up to 100 lol

7. Just make 2011 a good year and be happy!


Pinky in the SL City said...

:( dont feel bad, I think we all felt like that at some point, i seen loads of people come and go. And spent weeks all alone on my sim. Like you all my friends are partnerd and some times feel like im the gooseberry, But the great thing with sl is you never know what is around the corner. :D

Jewel said...

Thank you Pinky, I think your right I still love sl :)