Monday, June 21, 2010

Gone Gaga

I love lady gaga! I think shes a great singer, and I like her style, some of her outfits are a bit mad for me though. I had lots of lady gaga stuff in my inventory, and I bought some stuff off xstreet, and I had lots of fun dressing up as her today and taking pics.

This is the outfit she wore in her music video for poker face, that is my favourite song, and if you hear someone shouting "THATS MY SONG" in a club yeah thats probaly me. ;p

This is the outfit she wore in her Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) video

This is the outfit she wore in her dirty rich video


Anonymous said...

looking good Jewel gaga... loving the look

Jewel said...

aww thanks sissy (hugz) I had fun with it, your my first comment yay!

Steve Edwards said...

Now for the Gaga video Jewel. A new project for you.

Hugggs Brett

Mike93 said...

Totally Gaga, Sis for those paparazzi