Thursday, June 10, 2010

Look at me now

Back then I was a noob, I dont look very noobish because I met some great friends who helped me out, and showed me where to get clothes and stuff, but boy did I act like a noob, took me forever to work out how to wear clothes. I was walking around with boxes on my head for a while. Second life was quite over whelming for me, when I first joined, I dont mind admitting I felt a bit lost, and wasn't sure I belonged there, but I started using the video guides and using search to teleport to places I thought looked interesting, and I met some great people, who I have alot in common with, they showed me new places, and now here I am just a year later

I no longer wear boxes on my head, or look noobish, I have my own land,My own lil beach paradise, four dogs and a parrot,and a dolphin. I love animals in rl and sl, great friends and loads of places to hang out, and tons of lovely clothes and acessories I love to shop, I love my second life!

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