Thursday, June 17, 2010

Topic 5 Blogger's choice!

My beautiful unicorn

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This is was a tough one, deciding what to write, as I have a few things I would like to write about. so it was tough to decide on one, but I think I will write about one of my pets on second life. this is no ordinary pet, not a cat or a dog, nope this is a unicorn, I have always loved unicorns, they are beautiful magical creatures. so when my bro found me one, I fell in love with it, its so pretty, it acts like a normal horse, and sounds like one. he can canter, and gallop, and even rear up. but what i love most about him is that he can fly, and two people can ride him. I love taking my friends rides on him, I named him Stardust because of his pretty sparkles, hes deffinalty one of the coolest pets I ever had on sl.

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