Monday, June 14, 2010

BBBC Topic two

The three most positive things are

1. My friends

My friends are all really great people, they are lots of fun and always there when I need them. Friendship is really important in real life, and second life, any life can be a very lonely place without friends. I am lucky to have mine, they are all different, what I love about second life is that you actually get to know the person without having to see or hear them you just get to find out what kind of personalty they have, and you become friends with people you probaly wouldnt in real life, every one of my friends make my sl a fun place to be whether we are just hanging out, or having a party it dosent matter what we do. we always have fun.

2. My Home

I love having a home on second life, just somewhere you can hang out with friends, or be alone with your thoughts. I live on the beach right now, and I like nothing better to lay by my pool and listen to the waves, and look at the sunset, I move alot, that's whats great about sl, you can live on a beach, a forest, or even in a tree house my sl bro Mike does, if you want to and move as much as you want.

3.My Pets

I am a animal lover in real life, and second life. I have four dogs that actually act like real dogs, and obey commands, they even play fetch, and come when I call them, they are great, I also have a dolphin called bubbles, which I can ride on. and have a parrot named ziggy, and two monkeys, my home is like a zoo sometimes ;)

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